Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Aquaintances, and EVERYONE ELSE!

How's it going? This past week was a fun one!

First off, COOL STORY TIME!!!

Elder Jackson and I were riding around last Monday evening (maybe it was Tuesday?) and the tornado sirens started going off. It was a nice, sunny day, but we could see massive dark clouds from the south headed towards Lawton. We talked to a guy on the street who was saying it'll be 70 MPH winds possibly with hail. We were like, "SWEET!" and started taking pictures of the clouds.
We rode over near the Evans' house (Brandon and Katrina, our recent converts) and took a few more pictures of the clouds (which were full of lightning and were quickly headed our way). As we were taking pictures, the temperature dropped about 15 - 20 degrees in just a few seconds. We looked at each other and said, "It's time to go!" So we went to the Evans' and watched the storm come from their porch.
Well, it came with reckless abandon! There was a ton of lightning! It was AWESOME! I was standing at their front door (behind the storm door, or whatever those are called) and I watched the storm outside. There was so much lightning (more than I've ever seen in my life) and the thunder was LOUD! :) Then, as I was looking out at the road, lightning struck the road right in front of the Evans' house!!! I saw lightning strike! It was incredible!!! The thunder/crack from the strike was immediate! Elder Jackson was sitting on the couch and he said that (since all of the lights inside were out at the time) when it happened, he just saw my sillouette (sp?) at the door. Needless to say, I jumped back and was like, "WOAH!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!"

After hearing the sirens. In reality the clouds were darker.

The temperature dropped 15-20 degrees as I was taking this picture.
Anyway, I'm fine and healthy and all that good stuff, so no need to worry :)

I've come to see how real Satan's influence is on people's minds. Check out 2 Nephi 28. All that stuff is happening all over the place. People's minds have been clouded over and their hearts hardened. I think one of the worst things Satan does is lull people into complacency. He makes them think that he doesn't exist and their is no devil. They just say, "Jesus is my Savior and that's all I need to know." The scriptures talk about always being watchful. It's true! We have to keep our spiritual guard up to make sure Satan doesn't slip in somehow!

So everything's still going good. We're just going forward and doing our thing and letting the Lord do His thing. The field is white! We know it. God knows it. That's all that really matters :)

Anyway, I hope you feel spiritually enlightened/edified/good/happy/etc! I'll try to remember specific spiritual experiences to share with all of you next time.

I love you! Thanks for all of your prayers, supports, and letters (those of you who have written!) :)

Elder Woolley

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