Monday, November 29, 2010

God Bless America and Thanksgiving!

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! We definitely did!

Before we get into that, I have a new companion! His name is Elder Cook! He's from Centerville, UT! He's the 4th child of 5 too! He plays soccer! He's an incredible missionary!

In fact, we had a great opportunity yesterday! We got to teach a Sunday School class at First United Methodist Church of Lawton! The Sunday School director called us a couple of weeks ago and asked us if we could be a "guest program" for their class. We actually got to do it yesterday and it was great!

There were only about 10 people in the class and all except one were 60 years of age or more. It was like teaching a class full of really nice grandmas and grandpas! We were grateful that they were very respectful and friendly. We taught the message of the Restoration and also the Plan of Salvation. We gave each of them a copy of the Book of Mormon, a "Restoration" pamphlet, and a "Plan of Salvation" pamphlet. They followed along and had a lot of good questions! I think the Plan of Salvation stood out to them a lot. They also asked how we get 50,000+ young people to be missionaries. We told them, "It's because we all know it's true!" Elder Cook testified a ton about reading and praying. It was a fun experience :)

We had two dinner appointments for Thanksgiving (I love food!). The Hodgsons fed us in the early afternoon and then the Womacks fed us later on that night. We had a couple other appointments set up with members throughout the ward, so we taught them too and had a good time. Oh! We also got to play FOOTBALL! Our ward had a turkey bowl game at 8 AM and President Taylor allowed all of us to play for 2 hours as long as there was no contact involved. We played ultimate football (which is essentially ultimate frisbee with a football) and it was so fun! It was also really cold (mainly windy, but wind+humidity="interesting") so we all had a good time trying to keep blood pumping through our hands! I love this place!!!

That's all for this week. Keep being great and working hard! I love you! :)

Elder Woolley

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