Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Letter -- 18 JULY 2011

Dear Everyone,

Hello! What's life like there?! Life is spectacular here! I remember glancing at a TV screen the other day while the weather man was showing the next 7 days. Everyday was "Sunny!" and temperatures of 105, 103, 107, 105, 106, 104, 103. Some are calling this the "Great Drought of 2011." It's pretty toasty :) I'm just glad we a car!!! :) :) :)

Our ward is getting more and more into missionary work. A couple of investigators showed up to church yesterday and people were introducing themselves. It was awesome! Our bishop, Bishop Davis, is really big about members teaching with us, so we're expecting more of that to happen soon.

I remember listening to a General Conference talk this past week. I can't remember which talk it was, but it was about the Atonement. The Elder said something like, "The Savior chose to experience pain in mortality in order to better understand us. Perhaps we need to experience the depths of mortality to better understand Him." This means that our trials are opportunities to get to know the Savior more. Our trials are there to help us grow and understand and be patient and humble. I'm glad God gives us trials. I'm grateful for my own trials, because I always learn something that I probably couldn't learn any other way.

I think that's it for this week. I'll try to get more stuff to write about next week. Thanks for all of your love and prayers and goodness! :) Love ya! :)

Elder Woolley

Oklahomans love their trucks!

A Yoo-hoo cooler!!!!! What could be cooler than a Yoo-hoo cooler?!?!

'Nuf said.

We ate these tiny peppers (called pequin peppers) at a member's home yesterday. It was HOT HOT HOT!!! I had to get up and walk around and drink milk and wait a few hours before the burning finally went away. Good stuff! :)

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