Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Letter -- 05 July 2011 "God Bless America!"

Hello Everyone!

God Bless America!!!!

That's all for this week!

Just kidding! ;)

I can't even remember what happened this past week. Something super-cool was that we got permission to stay out till 11 PM last night so we could watch fireworks. It was AWESOME! In Oklahoma, July 4=BBQ! Altogether, yesterday, I ate 3 hamburgers, a bratwurst, a couple of cups of potato salad, A LOT of Doritos, some BBQ chips, a few deviled eggs, and some good blue drink (any kind of juice/mix is _____ drink (it depends on the color)). It was good :)

Yesterday, we went to downtown OKC to go to a few things. We went to the Botanical Gardens. There's a thing called the Crystal Bridge. It's basically a huge bridge/tube where they grow a whole bunch of exotic plants and have waterfalls and walkways through it all. It was really cool! Probably like being in the Philippines ;) Here are some pictures of it.

"It's SO HOT!"

"Ancient Nephite ruins!!!!"

We also went to the OKC Bombing Memorial. It was a reverent experience. There are rows of chairs that represent where the people who died would have been sitting when the bombing happened. I felt like I was walking on sacred ground as I looked at all of the chairs. I felt gratitude for this nation. I felt gratitude for the freedoms we have and the value that freedom has in the hearts of Americans and people everywhere. I love freedom. God bless America :)
The OKC Bombing Memorial

The Chairs

The somber reading at the entrance of the OKC Bombing Memorial

Playing the Ukulele


The people we watched fireworks had chickens, so we had fun chasing them around and trying to catch them while the food was cooking on the grill. :)

This past week, I remember listening to a talk by Elder Nelson from this last general conference. From listening to it, I learned that there are two ways to go through trials: God's way, or by "the arm of the flesh." God gives us trials and circumstances to give us an opportunity to choose His way or to go by the arm of the flesh. So trials=opportunities. Maybe that's how it works in the way of the gospel. When God wants to give us greater opportunities (for our own growth and/or the growth of others), He gives us greater trials. It's interesting. The Gospel at first seems to be a giant paradox. I suppose that's what makes it such an adventure. :)

That's all for this week. THANK YOU for all of your prayers and fasts and letters and everything. I love all of you!!! :)

Elder Woolley :)

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