Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Week in the MTC


MTC life is still fun and dandy. I feel better and better everyday and I'm learning a lot! (Especially about patience :P. Elder Oaks' daughter played at the Sunday fireside (she plays violin very well). Elder Oaks was there and me and my comp went outside by where he was parked and waved goodbye to him as he drove off. That was pretty cool :)

MTC life really isn't that bad. I'm not falling asleep all of the time (thanks to going through a billion classes in the Marines) and working hard all day isn't a problem (not to be "look at me", but it's frustrating sometimes to work with people that don't know how to work hard.) That's life! I'm still having a lot of fun and really excited to actually get to Oklahoma!!! I LOVE AMERICA!!! I'm SO glad I'm not leaving America for another couple of years. Yeah, not for me. The Lord knows what He's doing when He sent me a couple states away!

Only 2 minutes left! [On the computer]

Note for everyone who wants to serve a mission or is thinking about serving a mission or is thinking about NOT serving a mission.


I have never been so blessed and so happy and had such hard times but growing times in my whole life!!!!!! Marine buddies, you think Afghanistan was an adventure and learning experience, YOU NEED TO GO ON A MISSION!!!!!! And so should anyone else that has the opportunity!!!!! That's my main thought this week :) The Church is true. All that good stuff. Gotta go! I love all of you very very very much!!!!!

Elder Woolley!! :)


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