Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Week in the MTC

Hello Family and everyone!

This past week has been GREAT! When I showed up, I was feeling okay about everything and was okay with the idea of working with people 2-3 years younger than me, but I was still in "Marine mode." With every passing day and every passing hour, though, I feel happier and happier and just GREAT! It's been really nice being able to talk about and study the gospel and the scriptures all day every day. It's really the only thing that could bring joy back into my life, and it's only getting better!

We had a patriotic fireside on Saturday. It was all about America (think of that! :P ) and how our forefathers were divinely inspired. It even talked about the 50 eminent men appearing in the St George temple, requesting that the work for them be completed. After the fireside we DID get to watch the fireworks. All of us stood in the parking lot at the south end of the MTC campus and watched them. Surprisingly, it was a great view! Missionaries would start singing patriotic songs/hymns and then everyone would join in. It was really an unforgettable experience.

I'm okay with being the only one going to Oklahoma City in my zone, I suppose. I've been doing all of my "adjusting into missionary life" with these Elders though, so I'll definitely miss them and remember them. I can't wait to get to Oklahoma!!! Rednecks! Tornadoes! Bison!!!! I'm really really excited :) It's where America is still America, you know?!

Another note, I'm amazed at how people survive here for 8-15 weeks. Sara is Wonder Woman for being able to survive it! Okay, maybe "survive" is too strong a word, but it's kind of like training in the Marine Corps. Marines are okay (and actually like) getting deployed and stuff (at least I do :P ) but training is always the worst part of a deployment. Not that it's bad here, because it's not, but I think I'll only be able to handle 3 weeks of the MTC. Anyway, the MTC is still cool! I'm excited for Oklahoma though!!!

I've been getting happier and happier as I pray for charity and study the scriptures more and more. It really is the only thing that could cure my "not so happy" state before I got in here :P but hallelujah for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Atonement!!!! I know it's the ONLY way to true happiness!!! I love this gospel!!!

Thanks for sending the packages and random stuff. I've already used the super glue numerous times and the scissors too. And I love having my shirts with the little cartoons on them :)

One minute left!!! All I have to say is that this is THE BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE IN/WITH MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Gotta go. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Woolley

(Note: This is being posted a week late...sorry) :)

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