Saturday, July 3, 2010

The First Letter Home

I'm here at the MTC now! Everything is going well and I'm being more sociable than I thought I'd be. I'm getting more and more excited about being here and going on a mission with each passing hour! My companion's name is Elder Browning. He's from Shelly, Idaho. He's a cool guy; down to earth and genuinely nice and kind.

My district has 8 Elders and my zone has about 30-35 Elders (maybe a couple of Sisters). Everyone in my district (the ones I always go to class with) are going to Minnesota and Georgia. I am the sole Oklahoma Oklahoma City missionary here. Wicked awesome! :p Oh well, it'll still be cool! =)

I need to go to bed now. I love you all!

Elder Woolley

[On the outside of the envelope]

PS. I'm in a district of 10, not 8!

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