Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Elk City pictures

Sheb Wooley is from a town called Erick which is in my area (about 20 miles west of Elk City, just along I-40). Relative? I'm not sure. Cowboy star? Definitely :)
A sign with some wise advice. It was in the Rafter T restaurant in Erick, OK.
A mailbox!!! It's a scaled-down version of the oil rigs that are all over the place out here. Good ol' oil country! (or "ole country" as the natives say it)
All of us went to a ranch south of Delhi, OK in "the Breaks" (barren land that can't be farmed on). These are the 4 Elders in our district (from left: me, Elder Kimber, Elder Garner (my comp), Elder Teisina)
Some cows started running along side us. Cool stuff :)
We got a little lost on a bike ride the other day. Actually, the map we had was just a little funny. BUT we had an awesome ride through some pretty farmland! (Elk City is a few miles behind me in the picture).

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