Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly Letter! - 04 Apr 2011


Wasn't General Conference great?! Yes, it was :)

This week was grand! We had transfers! My new companion is Elder Kevin Garner. He's from Gilbert, AZ and is 6' 4". In fact, of the 4 Elders in our district, I'm the shortest, and I'm 6 feet tall! Everyone in the ward is like, "Whoa! We have a bunch of giant missionaries!" Elder Kimber's new companion is Elder Teisina from Bountiful, UT. All in all, our district is really great! :)

Let's see, what happened this week... OH!!!!!! KELLY!!!!!!

Kelly is our totally crazy but totally awesome neighbor!!!! He works for one of the oil companies out here, and he's totally crazy and really fun to be around. In fact, he likes to BBQ a lot. And he has a lot of meat when he does. And sometimes we'll hear a knock and the door and, lo and behold, there's Kelly! "Give me a plate!" he says with his hand reached out. "Alright!" So we get a plate and a little while later we have a plate full of BBQ pork or hamburgers or chicken or (my personal favorite) BBQ-ed onions with seasonings on them. SOOOOO GOOOD! And yes, the more BBQ we eat, the better life is. It's just one of those laws of the universe!

Anyway, I gotta go now. Sorry it's so short! I love you still though! Love ya! :)

Elder Woolley

PS It's all about the love :)

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