Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Letter 25 Apr 2011

Dear Everyone,

HAPPY EASTER!!! I listened to Rob Gardner's "Lamb of God" to celebrate. And also, people fed us a lot of food (which is always a good thing in Oklahoma--BBQ!)

This past week was grand. (If you say "grand" slowly and with a British accent, that's the kind of "grand" written.)

Steve Moon is progressing and went from thinking that he couldn't REALLY quit smoking to "I think I could quit in a month." He is the near-perfect example of someone with a "broken heart and contrite spirit" and also becoming "as a little child." He came to church again yesterday and slept through a little part of it, but that was okay. We're hoping that as he receives the Holy Ghost in his life more and more, that he'll be able to make better life decisions and attain the independence in life that he desires. Elder Palmer (one of our Zone Leaders) also taught someone that had a slight mental condition that seemed to go away completely as he got into the gospel, so we have good hopes for Steve!

We were going to get a ride to church with a part-member family yesterday, but as we met them at their house, the member was gone! His girlfriend said he never came home last night, so yesterday, as we went about our normal work, we were also detectives. It was pretty fun! Long story short: the member is with his "bad influence" cousin in OKC for the weekend and they're probably back in town now. The things that happen as a missionary.

Here's a good story! It's a testimony about sticking to plans that are made while under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

As Elder Garner and I doing our weekly planning, we go through each step, writing down everything that we need to for each person, and then we plot down when we're going to see that person that week. The idea originally came from Elder Soto, who had a paper he taped into his planner each week that had a schedule for the whole week. Then Sister Grant and Sister Jenson had the idea to copy the Week 7 page from the planner and tape it in on Weekly Goals page each week. So along with our list of investigators to attend sacrament meeting, less-active members, etc, we have an overview of our schedule for the week. As we list the people we want to see that week, we plan on exactly when we're going to see them.

So, 10 days ago, as Elder Garner and I weekly planned, we planned to stop by Sister Weaver's house at 3 PM the following Saturday (being 2 days ago). We stuck with our plans and she pulled up to her house just as we were about to get there. We waved at her getting out of the car, stopped the truck, and went over to talk with her. We then got to talk with her a little bit about Craig (her love interest/an investigator of ours) and talk about the temple and some other stuff.

Basically, it was the perfect situation! She pulled in. We waved. We stopped. We talked with her. It wasn't us randomly knocking on her door and trying to get a conversation started about Craig. It was natural, casual, and just perfect! The rest of the day, Elder Garner kept saying, "I can't believe we planned for her 10 days ago, and SHE WAS THERE!" Hahaha good times, good times. I found more and more that the way to find out if our plans are being lead by the Spirit is to follow them exactly as we wrote them down. It's a John 7:17 thing. Do the will, know the doctrine. Awesome!!

I've been really enjoying my time here in Elk City. I love it like crazy! Maybe it's because I get to drive a truck around. Maybe it's because people who barely even know us will buy us lunch (it's only happened once, but still!). Maybe it's because everyone here is really friendly and they all wave at each other! (Utah readers--take note: WAVE AT PEOPLE! ;) I don't know what it is, but I love this place, I love the people here, and I LOVE OKLAHOMA!!! Also, I love BBQ. A lot :) and the longer I stay here in Oklahoma, the more I love it! God bless America! :)

That's all, folks! Love ya! Thanks for the prayers and goodness! :)

Elder Woolley :)

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