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Weekly Letter--27 DEC 2010 "Elder Woolley: Rediscovered"

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a merry Christmas! We did! The members here fed us a lot of food and pie and all sorts of good stuff! I enjoyed our phone call!

I'd like to call this letter, "Elder Woolley: Rediscovered" because I'm going to make it a discovery time. I'm going to list things that I like to do (or remember that I used to like to do) so that I can find out more about myself and my non-robotness. Here we go!

I like cheesecake. The texture and taste of it are SO GOOD!

I like green eggs and ham (and my name isn't even Sam I Am!). Actually, I've never had green eggs and ham. I hope the green eggs Sam I Am had weren't naturally green, but were green from food coloring. Or they could also be green from some crazy Seuss creature. Who knows?!

"I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike. I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride it where I like." (Is quoting a Queen song missionary appropriate?) I really do like riding my bike. Mountain biking is a favorite hobby of mine.

I really love trail running too.

I like writing. It doesn't have to be anything in particular. I just like putting my thoughts on paper (or in .doc format) and writing away. I've tried to write creatively (lyrics, poems, stories and such). It works out okay sometimes. It's one of those things that takes a lot of practice to get good at.

I like people who are frank and to the point. I like to be openly honest and have open discussions with people, and I love it when people are openly honest with me. Sometimes I wish people would say, "Hey! You know what you're doing right there?! It really bugs me! Can you please not do that?" and then I would know what is going on. Or if I'm breaking some sort of rule, I wish people would point it out to me. It's like walking around with a huge chunk of lettuce in my teeth or something. "Hi! I look like a doofus but no one is letting me know that I look like one so I guess I'll keep walking around like this!"

Jumping to a random "like", I like Spongebob Squarepants. I used to own the first season on DVD and watch it A LOT. My sister gave my some mini-Spongebob ornaments. They're sweet. I like Spongebob because he's so innocent. He gets excited over the smallest of things. He's "as a little child", more or less. And he and Patrick Star say the dumbest things sometimes and it is VERY funny.

Like in the Spongebob Squarepants movie (I own it on DVD, waiting for the Blu-ray version!) Spongebob wants to be the manager of the new Krusty Krab location (named "Krusty Krab 2" and located right next to the original one). Spongebob wants to be the manager of the new location and says, "Cleanliness is next to managerialiness". Who says that?! Or later on in the movie, they get fake mustaches from the princess of the sea (King Neptune's daughter, I can't remember her name) but they think they're real mustaches (it's actually just two pieces of seaweed) and then they sing a song about it. Yeah. Spongebob is great.

I like doing yoga. I did it in 05-06 when I was going to UVSC. It helped me be very relaxed and centered and all of that good stuff.

My favorite color is Maroon. Actually, it may be Burgundy. Burgundy has a little more of a purple tint to it, and I like wearing clothes in that color (mainly as accents, like in ties or scarfs).

I like it when people don't use a lot of "fluff" in conversations and speaking and are to the point.

I like good music. Not The Beatles or The Foo Fighters or Owl City (although those are pretty good too). I like GOOD music, like a lot of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir stuff. I've become more and more mellow in my choices of music as time goes by. I like listening to good, mellow music that is edifying and helps clear my mind or sparks contemplation.

I like playing music. I've self-taught myself how to play the piano. I played percussion for 4 years in junior high and high school. I played the drum set for 7ish years (on and off for the last 3). I love playing percussion and I actually miss it a little. I like to tap my foot and drum my thumbs against the steering wheel as I drive.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed a little look into the mind of Elder Woolley! Thanks for all of the Christmas wishes and gifts! I love you!

Elder Woolley

P.S. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :) And blow up something for me!!!!! :)

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